Our Companies

  • 3DFils

    3Dfils is an enterprise focused on the design, manufacture and selling of 3D printing materials. Their objective is to offer custom innovative filaments, both in color and performances, and with the best quality. This way they want to respond to the nowadays 3D printing needs.

    Email: contacto@3dfils.com
    Contact: 965 641 644 


  • Aerialtronics

    Aerialtronics designs, manufactures and offers support for unmanned aerial vehicle systems. Its core products are known by their reliability, robustness and extreme stability. Quality, innovation and security are the key pillars of Aerialtronics. Internal design and development in accordance with the standards of aeronautical quality allow Aerialtronics to consistently produce safe aerial systems and of the highest quality.

    Aerialtronics systems are applicable to a wide variety of segments including: security, inspection, creativity, topography and cartography, agriculture or research. Aerialtronics has an extensive development road map and is engaged with the improvement of the operations of all its customers.


  • Agilmark Patentes & Marcas, SL,

    We are a well-known group of professionals, who work exclusively with the Law specific-domain which focuses on Trademark and Patent Registration and Protection. 

    We work with Industrial and Intellectual Property issues, both domestically and internationally. We cover the whole process, going from researching and analysing potential protected brand names, inventions and industrial designs, to introducing processing their applications and, if needed, legally defending before the competent body or court of justice. 

    Our customer service uses the 'One agent per service' technology, so that every customer has assigned his or her Intellectual Property Adviser to personally take care of him or her when registering a trademark. 

    Contact Details:
    Antonio Rodríguez Martínez
    Parque Científico y Empresarial de la Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche.
    Avda. de la Universidad, s/n Edificio Quórum IV
    03202 Elche (Alicante) Spain
    Mob.: 635 599 550 - Tel.: 965032823 -  Fax: 965028055

  • Agrovalor

    Company devoted to the integral management of waste, leached and slimes, making its valorisation and/or elimination with new equipments and technologies that allow a greater economic feasibility, energetic efficiency and respect for the environment, generating new products of potential direct application in agriculture or industrial state.

    Contact Details:

    Maurici Gutiérrez Abbad. (CEO) | Tel.: 626895434 | e-mail: mauricio@agrovalor.com.

  • AISoy Robotics
    "We're a startup founded in 2008 in which we enjoy experimenting with new technologies and exploring more natural ways of interacting with them. Our mission is part of our dream: to create intelligent personal robots to make our lives easier and more fun.
    With the institutional and financial support of the CDTI, we developed our first product between 2009 and 2010, AISoy1, a programmable social robot acessible by everyone, the first of this kind developed by a Spanish company. With AISoy1 we are closer to our goal, to develop a generation of robots on which to delegate the management by means of technology, which
    motivate us to learn, play, chat and discover. Robots that will give us back our time, putting their intelligence at our service.
    We offer our products in our own online store and through resellers all over the world, and we collaborate with leading developers and manufacturers to offer the complete digital experience."
  • Alpha Spirit

    Alpha Spirit puts the biological needs of pets before any process or raw material, it is different, innovative, visionary and tries to go back to the origins and offer pets an organically correct food. This company was born with a clear mission: to give dogs the perfect diet they need and that their ancestors got in wild nature.

    Contact Person
    José Luís Torregrosa Andreu
    Phone: 696963268
    Email: jlt@aspiritpetfood.com


  • Anfechem

    ANFECHEM fits into the chemical sector as a company dedicated to the production and sale of molecules and polymers with high market value that present unusual electrical, optical and/or magnetic properties for bio-, nanotechnological and medical applications

    Therefore, ANFECHEM is dedicated to the preparation and distribution of high-performance chemical compounds useful in the fields of new technologies and renewable energy, and which are currently being studied and used in nanotechnology, biotechnology and medicine, both for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.


    Email: anfechem@gmail.com

  • Antalgenics

    ANTALGENICS is a business project that focuses on the area of the discovery, validation and exploitation of bioactive molecules with applications biomedicine and cosmetics fields. ANTALGENICS's mission is to become a leader in the development and commercialization of innovative technologies in these sectors.

    ANTALGENICS therefore aims to be a partner and translator between research and the production sector, which is positioned on the final stage of research, that is, to complete the transformation of results and technologies into fully exploitable products and services . ANTALGENICS motto is "In a market where the only certainty is uncertainty, knowledge is the only source of competitive advantage."

    Isabel Devesa. Chief Executive Officer
    Quorum III Building, Scientific Park-UMH. Avda.Universidad s/n. 03202 Elche (Alicante), Spain
    e-mail: info@antalgenics.com   Phone: +00 34 96 6238919

  • AppAndAbout

    AppAndAbout Is a company that develops applications and games for mobile devices and is specialised in the use of new generation smartphones native functionalities for the more used operating systems: iOS and Android.

    We are also specialised in the use of  360 echnology for video and photography, i.e. interactive contents of the mobile applications that we develop.

    We have programmers with a vast experience in the mobile world programming and a worldwide known panofotograph: Zakato.

    Web:   http://appandabout.es/

    Contact Details: Maria Asunción Vicente Ripoll. (CEO) | Tel: 637101538 | e-mail: suni@appandabout.es


    Company specialised in the whole development of applications for mobile devices, tablets or smart-tvs. This development can include the design and implementation of any electronic device that interacts with the programmed application.

    At the moment APPS4NEEDS is working in a line of apps focused on the application of new technologies for education, as well as for the treatment of children with diverse learning problems.

    APPS4NEEDS also offers an app development service of apps for third companies, as well as training courses.

    More info: www.apps4needs.com

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