Biotechnological Business Innovation Centre

The Biotechnological Business Innovation Centre (El Centro de Innovación Empresarial Biotecnológica CIEB) is a specialised centre offering a series of infrastructures, scientific equipment and added value services to consolidated and recently formed companies, to company-university mixed entities and other scientific organisations in the biotechnology sector.

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As far as laboratories are concerned the CIEB offers:

  • ready-to-use 50 m2 labs, fully furnished (worktops, cupboards, etc.) as well as a fume hood, laminar flow cabinet, sink, etc. with a capacity for between six and eight work stations. These labs have an interior area for use as an office or for activities needing privacy.

  • open plan areas of between 50 and 200 m2 for bio-companies wishing to make their own arrangements to suit them.
  • auxiliary rooms for the storage of substances, etc.

As far as scientific equipment is concerned the CIEB offers its companies:

  • pure water equipment, ultra pure, autoclave and drying oven.
  • molecular biology equipment: DNA extractor, nanodrop, thermo-cyclers, quantitative PCR, gel documenter and benchtop centrifuge and ultra centrifuge, etc.
  • cellular biology equipment: CO2 incubators, fluorescence microscope, inverted microscope, microbiological incubator, etc.
  • other basic equipment: pHmeter, analytical and precision balances, water baths, mixers, etc.
  • equipment for the crio-preservation of samples: ultra freezers and liquid nitrogen.
  • access to the advanced equipment of UMH researchers.
  • access to the UMH animal facilities.

As far as access to knowledge and technology and talent are concerned:

The companies in the CIEB are in an ideal environment for the running of RD and innovation projects, generating synergies between them, as well as with groups such as the UMH researchers.

Settling in the CIEB is a way to get to the technology and knowledge of different UMH research groups, characterised especially by their research in Biotechnology as well as the transfer of technology, where we find University Institutes such as Neurosciences, Bioengineering, and Molecular and Cellular Biology and the Departamentos de Tecnología Agroalimentaria and Producción Vegetal y Microbiología.

Companies in the CIEB have access to the UMH bibliographical data bases, as well as the human capital provided by students and graduates.

As far as infrastructures, central and business services are concerned::

The companies and their staff count on infrastructures and centralised services (car parks, dining room, meeting rooms, purchasing centre, etc.), and with business services aimed at helping their growth, those concerned with sourcing private and public funding, networking and strategic planning activities.

For further information and access details to the infrastructures, please contact:

Javier Sancho Azuar
Tel: 96 665 88 42

The CIEB has been cofunded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation (project ref PEP-G54016977-2009), within the National Plan for Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation 2008-2011.


The CIEB (ref. PEP-G54016977-2009) has been cofunded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The CIEB has been cofunded by Generalitat Valenciana (Valencian Regional Government) through IMPIVA, as part of an operational program of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


The CIEB has been cofundede by Bancaja's Welfare Project.

Communiqué from Fundación UMH - Science and Business Park of the University Miguel Hernández of Elche

Fundación UMH-Science Park of the University Miguel Hernández recognises the importance of co-financing from European funds for the realisation of this project, as well as the positive impact of various measures of European integration for the development and growth of our Park and the innovative companies that are part of it.

The main beneficial effects of the realisation of this project are mainly based on the implementation of direct support measures to support entrepreneurs and new innovative biotechnology-based companies, especially infrastructure necessary to development activities in this sector.

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