The main aim of the UMH Science Park is to focus on the science research initiatives of the University to satisfy the need and the aims of the companies.

Its aim is also to provide an environment that encourages the development of the people and the companies involved by working together and putting in common their scientific and technological interests and concerns.

A Park for each Project

The Park has opened its facilities to all kinds of SMEs and entrepreneurs who are interested in Research, Technological Development and Innovation.

The companies settled in the Park enjoy a series of services adapted to their needs and their strategic objectives, as well as easy access to the intellectual resources of the UHM, which promotes their competitive advantages encouraging their growth and profitability.

Designed for business. Prepared for innovation

The park is a successful science and business ecosystem, with all the infrastructures and services necessary to promote cooperation between the University and the companies.

A space with commitment to its own environment

  1. Increasing the involvement of university research in the economic and social development of this region.
  2. Boosting innovative business projects.
  3. Encouraging the development of the industrial base of its service area.
  4. Diversifying and increasing the labour offer of the province of Alicante.
  5. Promoting the adoption of corporate responsibility policies (quality criteria, environmental quality criteria, non-discrimination criteria).
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